Animal Nutrition

animal nutrition

Attention. Care. Respect.

JBS strongly believes that we are stewards of our animals and the environment. We take seriously our responsibility to provide the utmost care for our animals. We strive to give animals, under our care and supervision the highest degree of attention, care and respect.

Comprehensive nutrition and health programs, at JBS are designed by Ph.D. nutritionists and veterinarians. The nutrition programs are created to foster animal and environmental stewardship by providing nutrient levels that optimize animal performance and well-being. This also has a positive impact regarding the environment, our carbon footprint, and greenhouse gases.

Diets are balanced for nutrients including protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. This helps promote optimal nutrition and preventive care for our animals. JBS invests, aggressively, in infrastructure and equipment to provide superior feed and accommodations. We make every effort to provide an ideal home, and quality-of-life for the animals under our care.

We have a progressive research program dedicated to providing consistently high-quality nutrition and health for our animals. This results in a safe, nutritious and high-quality product for consumers. JBS has stringent quality-control processes. We keep meticulous records on a daily basis to ensure animals are fed according to our designed nutrition and health programs on top of meeting FDA and USDA specifications.

Specific to beef, almost all cattle in the US are fed on grass for most of their lives. They then spend time on a balanced forage and grain diet prior to harvest. The uniqueness of US beef products is a direct result of feeding beef animals the highest-quality feed during this time. An abundance of research has shown that consumers prefer the taste (especially flavor, tenderness and juiciness) of grain-finished beef. Grain-based finishing diets consistently produce beef that is tender, juicy, and delicious in flavor. Grain finishing diets are also associated with beef products that have adequate amounts of white-colored marbling, a signifier of quality. JBS utilizes steam-flaking to process the regionally-grown, all-natural grains, in order to make the nutrients more digestible for the cattle. With this process, minimal feed remains undigested, thereby promoting environmental-sustainability.