"To be the best at what we set out to do, totally focused on our business, ensuring the best products and services for our customers, solidity for our suppliers, satisfactory profitability for our shareholders and the certainty of a better future for all our employees."


Planning: Think before you act. Look to the future. Always be prepared.

Determination: Never give up. Be involved. Drive to meet your goals and objectives.

Discipline: Each day, be organized and prompt. Focus on details.

Availability: Be supportive and accessible. Take initiative.

Sincerity: Be true. Disagree when necessary. Recognize when to say no; however, be positive and offer solutions.

Simplicity: Simplify. See things clearly. Make improvements.

our company

Largest Animal Protein Company In The World.

Employing more than 85,000 people in North America and Australia, JBS USA is a leading animal protein producer and exporter with a leading position as a beef and lamb producer in the U.S. and Australia. We are also a relevant producer of pork in the U.S. and a leading chicken producer in the U.S., Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Worldwide we are the largest animal protein processor in the world with 140 production facilities. Our global, diversified, low-cost production platform is the foundation for a variety of our products including food, leather, pet products and biodiesel. An international industry leader, JBS USA is owned by JBS SA, a Brazilian multinational.

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