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Each Brand is a Promise.

Brands play an integral role in the JBS strategy. Successful brands are built on consumer loyalty and a relationship of trust where our customers are confident that our products will deliver a great tasting experience each and every time. Our brands represent the quality of our products and embody the mission of our company. Each JBS brand is a promise made to our customers. A promise that we work hard to keep every day.

The JBS approach to brand marketing is grounded in a deep understanding of our customers and ultimately, the end-user, the consumer. Our goal is to continually strengthen the emotional bond between the consumer and the JBS brand portfolio. We conduct ongoing research to understand the ever-changing needs of today’s consumer. Armed with that information, JBS responds to consumer needs with innovations in features that enhance the eating experience. We provide convenience delivered through pre-preparation, making meal time a memorable, easy, experience.

Brands at JBS, well-defined and well-developed, play an ever-expanding role in our go-to-market strategy. The goal is to make JBS brands top-of-mind when consumers are making their beef, pork or chicken purchasing decisions.